Tereza Kačerová (born January 3, 1993), americanized and better known as Tereza Kacerova, is a Czech model and actress. She is one of the the lead actresses besides Hayley Kiyoko in Kiyoko's music video for "Curious" and potrays her love interest.

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Kacerova was born in the Czech Republic however, she was grew up in Vermont, United States. She has one son named Luka. Moreover, she was also the girlfriend of the late Avicii until his death.[4]

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Kacerova has worked as both a model and actress. Her model work has seen her appear on the cover of Surfing magazine.[5] She has also appeared in Maroon 5's music video for the band's song Maps.[6]. Moreover, she appeared on an episode of Ballers and had minor roles in the movies Patriots Day and The Madness Within.

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  • She can also been seen on the official remix covers for Curious.

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