Stevie Nichols is a minor character in Wizards of Waverly Place portrayed by guest star Hayley Kiyoko. She was a wizard and became friends with the main protagonist, Alex (portrayed by Selena Gomez).

Synopsis Edit

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Stevie first appeared in the third season in the eleventh episode "Detention Election". While she was in detention, Stevie meets Alex. They soon became friends and learnt they had a lot in common. They both liked to misbehave and cause trouble, as evidenced in the episode "Detention Election", where a teacher finds his office plastered in election posters from Justin, which Stevie later confessed to be her doing, opening up her locker and letting multiple of Justin's election posters to fly out.

In the next episode, "Eat to the Beat", when Alex and Justin were fighting, Stevie used a spell to turn a rock band into a smooth jazz band. Harper, who saw Stevie use magic, attempted to tell Alex. However, Stevie was able to stop her by using a spell to erase Harper's memory of what she saw.

Harper was able to regain her memory of the event in the lunchroom at the beginning of "Third Wheel", and informed Alex that Stevie is, in fact, a wizard. Soon after, Alex and Stevie went off to go on magical adventures together, leaving Harper behind.

In "The Good, The Bad and the Alex", Stevie conducts a revolution of wizards to override the power distributor, which is what takes wizards' powers away and transfers them when they lose in their family's wizard competition, and convinces Alex and Max to join her. However, she was unaware that Alex would turn on her. Alex and Harper helped Warren get his full powers by transferring Stevie's powers to him, while Stevie was frozen in stone. Not long after, Max accidentally tipped over Stevie's statue, shattering her body and accidentally killing her.[1]

Personality Edit

Note: Some contents from this section are taken from the Wizards of Wavery Place Wiki.

Stevie could be described to be witty, snarky, rebellious, impulsive and loving to cause trouble. Traits she shares with the main protagonist, Alex. However, Stevie seems to not possess the same compassion and kind-heartedness that Alex does, even portraying some sort of evilness and manipulative as shown by her brother Warren's side to their separation story.

Appearances Edit

Season 3 (4/30)

  • Detention Election
  • Eat to the Beat
  • Third Wheel
  • The Good, The Bad and the Alex

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