Sonya Esman (born June 6, 1995) is a Russian actress, model and YouTube personality. She is one of the lead actresses alongside Hayley Kiyoko in Kiyoko's music video for "Cliffs Edge" in which Esman portrays Olivia.

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Esman was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and moved to Kaliningrad, where she lived up until the age of 5 when her family emigrated to Toronto, Canada. Her parents divorced when she was 11. At 19, she moved to Los Angeles, California in 2015, and then lived in NYC for half a year in 2017, before moving back to California.[3]

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Esman became known
I'm In A Music Video How My Dream Came True

I'm In A Music Video How My Dream Came True

for contributing to Conde Nast's Canadian platform Fashionation TV. Her Russian YouTube channel, Соня Есьман, has accumulated over 1.8 million subscribers while her English has over 400.000 subscribers. Also a model, she has been featured on the cover of ELLE Russia three times and featured in editorials for Vogue Russia and Glamour Russia, among others. She's also a Victoria's Secret Ambassador.

Moreover, Esman uploaded a video to her English YouTube channel in which she explains how she got the part in Cliffs Edge.

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