Raven Ramirez is a main character on CSI: Cyber portrayed by starring main cast member Hayley Kiyoko. She is a former hacker who now works for the FBI.

Synopsis Edit

Raven is a former black-hat hacker recruited by Ryan as part of her "hack-for-good" program. At the start of the first season, she had been with the FBI for two years, and had become a specialist in social media investigations, international relations and cyber trends. Raven stated that, as a victim of cyber-bullying, she turned to hacking in order to recluse herself from her tormentors. Raven is a trusted member of the team.

In the episode "URL, Interrupted", Raven discusses with Sifter about her school life. Raven was bullied from the first grade and dropped out of school at the age of 15. Being bullied forced Raven to become a black hat hacker. Raven was arrested for hacking the national power grid in New Hampshire.[1] Raven also mentioned to Brody that when she was in school she spent her lunchtime at the library and that the librarian was "practically her best friend."

In "Kidnapping 2.0", Raven assists Brody Nelson in cracking a password to rescue kidnapped babies. In "CMND:/Crash", Raven tells Brody that he isn't the only one who has had all his electronics taken from him by the FBI as part of probation. In "Killer En Route", Raven helped track a car where the killer was inside. In "Crowd Sourced", Raven made a clone website to try to locate and stop a bomber. In "URL Interrupted," Raven and Mundo hack a missing teenager's phone to try to locate her. Raven then discovered that the missing girl was being cyberbullied. Raven opens up about her past and reveals that she was bullied which pushed her into becoming a black-hat hacker. Raven watched the girl's video about taking a hiatus from social media. In "Family Secrets", Raven rescues Brody when he is attacked by Avery Ryan's stalker. She also covered for him when he didn't show up to work that morning. In "Why-Fi", Raven quickly makes friends with D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) and it is revealed that she and Brody are secretly dating when they are seen making out in the shower together. In "Heart Me", Raven has to help her friend who has been both hacked and set up for murder. Avery, Elijah and D. B. all help her prove the innocence of her friend.

Appearances Edit

Season One (10/13)

  • Kidnapping 2.0
  • CMND:/Crash
  • Killer En Route
  • Fire Code
  • Crowd Sourced
  • The Evil Twin
  • URL, Interrupted
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Bit by Bit
  • Family Secrets

Season Two (18/18)

  • Why-Fi
  • Heart Me
  • Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes
  • Red Crone
  • hack E.R.
  • Gone in 6 Seconds
  • Corrupted Memory
  • Phyton
  • iWitness
  • Shades of Grey
  • 404: Flight Not Found
  • Going Viral
  • The Walking Dead
  • Fit-and-Run
  • Python's Revenge
  • 5 Deadly Sins
  • Flash Squad
  • Legacy

References Edit

  1. Season 1, Episode 7 "URL, Interrupted"
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