Orion Vanessa Carloto, (born September 9, 1996), better known as Orion Carloto, is an American actress and YouTube personality. She has a minor role in Hayley Kiyoko's "Curious" music video and portrays a flirty girl.

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Carloto as born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was a theater student and ran an online blog.[2] She came out as bisexual in May 2017[3] and has been dating Brittenelle Fredericks ever since.[4]

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Carloto (first row left) and other music video actresses alongside Kiyoko at the set of The Road To Expectations at YouTube Space LA

Carloto first gained fame alongside her best friend Sam on the comedy channel OrionAndSam.[5] She created her own independent channel following the success of OrionAndSam which she called Orion Carloto on which she has more than 260,000 subscribers.[6] Moreover, she's written for a magazine called "Local Wolves" and runs a self-titled website. She has also released a book called "Flux".[7]
She also appeared in the The Road To Expectations - A Hayley Kiyoko Music Video Retrospective video on YouTube.[8]

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