Gabi is a minor character on The Fosters and a main character on the webseries spinoff, The Fosters: Girls United, portrayed by Hayley Kiyoko. She is a child in the foster care system.

Synopsis Edit

Gabi was first introduced in the episode "House and Home" as one of the girls who was placed at Girls United, a group home for girls in the foster care system, due to cyberbullying, home invasion and robbery.

In the webepisode "United We Stand", it's revealed that Gabi is HIV-positive. She contracted the disease as a result of sharing a needle with her father, who also has the disease, while doing drugs with him. Gabi says she only did it because she wanted to spend time with him.

In the second season, which does not feature Gabi, a character named Carmen mentions that Gabi is back in juvie and has seen Kiara working on the streets at El Cajon.

She is obsessed with boys and considers them to be her "addiction".

Appearances Edit

TF: Season One (5/21)

  • House and Home
  • Things Unsaid
  • Family Day
  • Us Against The World
  • Adoption Day

GU: Season One (4/5)

  • Run Baby Run
  • Stab in the Back
  • Scorpion Kings
  • United We Stand
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