Erin Armstrong (born October 4, 1984), also known as Grishno on YouTube, is an American actress, trans-activist and YouTube personality. She is the lead actress in the music video for Hayley Kiyoko's "One Bad Night" and potrays Amber.

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Armstrong was originally born and raised in small-town Utah. Raised as the oldest son in a Mormon family, she transitioned from male-to-female and moved to New York City at the age of 20. While there she began making YouTube videos about her transition.[3]

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Armstrong first gained porpularity by starting to vlog on her YouTube channel in 2006. Her goal was to find a community of transgender individuals who she could relate to however, she ended up starting that community she searched for.

She was later discovered by Hayley Kiyoko through her videos who approached her and asked her if she was willing to portray the role of Amber in her then upcoming music video for "One Bad Night". This marked Armstrong's first job as an actress.

BTS ► One Bad Night ♫ Hayley Kiyoko ◄ (Amber's POV, via @Grishno)

BTS ► One Bad Night ♫ Hayley Kiyoko ◄ (Amber's POV, via @Grishno)

Armstrong also uploaded a video to her YouTube showcasing the "Behind The Scenes" of the music video shoot of "One Bad Night".

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