Angela Marie Simms (born January 22, 1988), known professionally as Angie Simms, is an American actress. She is among the main cast for Hayley Kiyoko 's music video for "Gravel To Tempo" and portrays Angie.[3] She later appeared again in the trailer for the music video for "One Bad Night".[4]

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Simms was born on January 22, 1988 into a family of artits with two musically gifted siblings. Her parents raised her with a "follow your dreams" mentality. From a very young age she starred in school plays, started studying drama at 13 and later moved to Hollywood at the age of 17.[5]

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Simms starting her acting career in 2007 when she starred in Moonlight (TV series) as Walli. She is perhaps best known however, for portraying herself in Jackass 3D or from various Sketch videos featured on Funny or Die. She also appeared in Justified.[6] Simms also produced and written her own short movie called The Feminist[7] in which she also stars as herself. Other writing credits include the Alex and Aiden episode on The Linda Show LA [8] and seven episodes for the TV mini-seris All Wrong.[9]

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